Saturday, April 26, 2008

Protest Wright and Carter

Dear Media and Activists:

We had a huge success in protesting Abbas at the White House on 4/24/08.

We will now be protesting racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright when he addresses the National Press Club on

Monday, April 28/08 at
8:30 AM at 14th and F St., Wash., D.C.

Then on May 4, 2008, we go after Jimmy Carter and his Habitat for Inhumanity support for Hamas terrorists,

May 4, 2008 at the Carter Center in Atlanta, at 1 P.M.

Please let your bureaus in Atlanta know of this effort and also your grassroots networks, dear activists. This is going to be a major event for us.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst, Pres., Shalom International


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hereticalpolemicist said...

And THIS post may compleet the "Triumvirate Curse of Threes"!!

Pres. Carter and Rev. Wright represent an inconvenient political reality and truth that the status quo will CRUCIFY any who challenges their authority. It is interesting in this Easter-Passover season that the words and deeds of these two "cultural heretics" have been dragged into the forum for the inquisitory mandarins of cultural rectitude to lash them both severely, along with anyone else associated with them. (Ahh, Simon of Galillee, where art thou?)

For Carter, the Hamas legitimacy for Palestinian expression, and, for Wright, the victims who've been the collateral damage of US Govt benign or malignant neglect are denied a robust advocacy due to the culture that is suppressed by these mandarin-oligarchs. Pres. Carter's trip and advocacy for LISTENING to the grievances and proposals of those, who'd otherwise would use violence as their political expression, is denounced by the mandarins who do nothing more than give lip-service sympathy to the plight of the civilians population, a lip-srvice as meaningless and hollow as their political posturing for the plight of the people of Darfur.

Rev. Wright's bombasity in the tradition of the social gospel that echoes Jesus' driving the coin collectors and hawkers from out of the temple continues the ecclesiastical debate of whether subservience to authority (Rome) espoused by St Paul excludes the rebuking of secular authority that a prophet Samuel would have rained down on King Saul. Is there a devotion to principle that trumps nationalism and parochial provincialism? Even Jesus rebuked the pharissees and sadduccees as HE rebuked the cities and towns of Judah and Israel for their abuse of the poor and the weak.

Because the main stream "bleeds it leads" media has not done an investigation of the spread of AIDS or the distribution of cocaine and crack during the Iran-Contra administration of St Ronnie Reagan with his ex-CIA chief Veep, George H. W. Bush, as tooo conspiratorial and irresponsible a topic, the questions go begging "how was it, beyond the easy reductionist blaming personal irresponsibility, that such an esoteric virus and non-native plant product were able to have such widely insidious distributive spread in the black and minority communities?"

No such questions or insinuations are allowed. Cultural suppression for political expediency and the narrative of historical stereotypes and myths must be maintained. Jimmy Carter and Jeremiah Wright are secularly god-damned for their political and cultural heresies.

Let the mobs howl in the forum for these two criminals of the "state of suppressed questions" be condemned and rhetorically crucified and their legacy be in the pauper's graves of infamy and disgrace. But those with eyes to see and ears to hear know for themselves despite the Orwellian dissemblings of those who'd allow the inequity and injustice go unquestioned for any open serious discussion and debate.