Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's lawyers under heat

Government lawyers defending President Obama and Congress in a lawsuit alleging that he's ineligible to occupy the Oval Office and that members of the House and Senate violated the constitutional rights of citizens by refusing to investigate want still more time to respond to the accusations...

Eligibility case defendants don't want to answer now

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Justice William O. Douglas, Judge Lawrence Tribe, Justice Hugo L. Black

"The dominant purpose of the First Amendment was to prohibit the widespread practice
of government suppression of embarrassing information."
-- Justice William O. Douglas
(1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice
Source: New York Times v. Unites States (Pentagon Papers)

"[The Bill of Rights is] designed to protect individuals and minorities against the tyranny of the majority, but it's also designed to protect the people against bureaucracy, against the government."
-- Judge Lawrence Tribe

"Criticism of government finds sanctuary in several portions of the First Amendment. It is part of the right of free speech. It embraces freedom of the press."
-- Justice Hugo L. Black
(1886-1971) US Supreme Court Justice
Source: 1961

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bible Prophecy!

The United States is mentioned in the Bible! We're descendants from Joseph and are Joes. The Jews are from the tribe of Judah. We need to get away from counterfeit Christianity and back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and keep His Sabbath and biblical holy days.

United States in Prophecy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Vatican, Germany and Global Regulation

The Vatican, Germany and Global Regulation
April 13, 2009 From

There’s something sinister about the linkage between the Vatican, certain German elites and the regulatory power that Anglo-Americans have yielded up to the EU-controlled Financial Stability Board.

Secession: the Ultimate States' Right

Texas Straight Talk (Ron Paul)
A weekly column
Secession: The Ultimate States’ Right
“Last week the governor of Texas ignited a media firestorm for his remarks involving the idea of secession. He did not call for Texas to secede from the United States. He merely pointed out that the federal government was treading heavily on the sovereignty of the states and that this cannot continue indefinitely without a breaking point. The reaction to Governor Perry’s statements has been nothing short of hysterical. He has been called treasonous for making this obvious point and opening up a discussion. I am not calling for secession either, however there is nothing wrong with a …”

Click here to read the full article:

Alexander Hamilton, John C. Calhoun, Justice John McLean

"It may safely be received as an axiom in our political system, that the state governments will in all possible contingencies afford complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the national authority."
-- Alexander Hamilton
Source: Federalist # 28

"It is federal, because it is the government of States united in a political union, in contradistinction to a government of individuals, that is, by what is usually called, a social compact. To express it more concisely, it is federal and not national because it is the government of a community of States, and not the government of a single State or Nation."
-- John C. Calhoun
(1782-1850) American statesman
Source: 1850, John C. Calhoun's essay entitled A Discourse on the Constitution and Government of the United States

"That distinct sovereignties could exist under one government, emanating from the same people, was a phenomenon in the political world, which the wisest statesmen in Europe could not comprehend; and of its practicability many in our own country entertained the most serious doubts. Thus far the friends of liberty have had great cause of triumph in the success of the principles upon which our government rests. But all must admit that the purity and permanency of this system depend on its faithful administration. The states and the federal government have their respective orbits, within which each must revolve. If either cross the sphere of the other, the harmony of the system is destroyed, and its strength is impaired. It would be as gross usurpation on the part of the federal government, to interfere with state rights, by an exercise of powers not delegated; as it would be for a state to interpose its authority against a law of the union."
-- Justice John McLean
(1785-1861) U.S. Congressman for Ohio (1813-16), U.S. Postmaster General, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1830-61), presidential candidate for the Whig and Republican parties
Source: Craig v. Missouri, 4 Peters 410 (1830) [29 U.S. 410, 464]

Monday, April 20, 2009

Congressman Paul's Texas Straight Talk: Responses to Piracy

Responses to Piracy

“The recent episode with the Somali pirates has brought to the forefront many questions about maritime security. What is the best way to deal with a gang of criminals, not acting on behalf of any country, when they attack private vessels? Under whose jurisdiction are these types of criminals to be prosecuted? Most importantly, how do we deter such attacks in the future?”

Click here to read the full article:

Income Tax and Communist Manifesto

"I don't like the income tax. Every time we talk about these taxes we get around to the idea of 'from each according to his capacity and to each according to his needs'. That's socialism. It's written into the Communist Manifesto. Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what's happening to him."
-- T. Coleman Andrews
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Source: May 25, 1956 in US. News & World Report

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land
to public purposes.
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
5. Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a
national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the
hands of the state.
7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the
state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the
improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies,
especially for agriculture.
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries;
gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country
by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.
10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of
children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education
with industrial production, etc.
-- Karl Marx
(1818- 1883) Father of Communism, Author of the 'Communist Manifesto'
Source: Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1848, Marx/Engels

"A hand from Washington will be stretched out and placed upon every man's business; the eye of the federal inspector will be in every man's counting house.... The law will of necessity have inquisical features, it will provide penalties, it will create complicated machinery. Under it, men will be hauled into courts distant from their homes. Heavy fines imposed by distant and unfamiliar tribunals will constantly menace the taxpayer. An army of federal inspectors, spies, and detectives will descend upon the state."
-- Richard E. Byrd
(1888-1947) Polar explorer, Virginia House Speaker
Source: 1910, predicting the consequences of a federal income tax

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches

Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches

I told them I was a US citizen.
I told them I was on a business trip.
I told them I had no drugs or humans in the car.

That wasn't enough. They wanted to search the car, and I invoked my 4th amendment rights.


I was IN the United States!!! I had crossed no international border!!!

This occured on the night of April 14/15, 2009

Border Patrol agents Diaz, Gomez and Griffiths must be held accountable. Publicize their names everywhere and demand justice be served to make other law enforcement agents realize what they do in the dark will be brought to light and they won't get away with it, so they had better stay within the Constitutional rule of law and uphold it, not break it or stomp rights of American citizens.

Other articles about this travesty of justice:

Pastor Says Border Patrol Worked Him Over

Pastor claims attack by Border Patrol, Arizona DPS

Pastor beaten, Tasered for defending his rights

Updates on border patrol beating

Cesar Y. Diaz - phone #: (928) 343-0849;
Ernesto Gomez - phone #: (928) 785-9364; email: Ernesto.Gomez@DHS.GOV
Bryan Griffith

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brushfires of freedom

Brushfires of freedom
By Ben Thompson

Throughout the history of mankind there have been tyrants who are more than willing to takeaway our God-given freedoms for their own selfish purposes. More importantly, there have also have always been a few courageous patriots who have been willing to give their all to protect those freedoms. Our Founding Fathers are an excellent example of the latter.

Thomas Jefferson: "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." — Thomas Jefferson

At the time of the American Revolution a substantial majority of Americans (colonists) were NOT willing to confront Great Britain. It took the courage of LEADERS like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, among others, to stand up to King George's oppressive regime and formidable armed forces.

"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." — Samuel Adams

This nation was founded by courageous, humble, selfless individuals — statesmen, soldiers, farmers, housewives, businessmen and blue collar workers, who were willing to give their lives, reputations and honor in exchange for our freedom.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it." — Thomas Paine

"The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks." — Samuel Adams

They created and supported the divine Founding Documents- the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which define and guarantee our God-given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (property).

President John F. Kennedy stated: "Our rights come from God, not government."

Thomas Jefferson: "And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not violated but with his wrath?"

In these inspired writings the Founders put first things first.

The first God-given right in the Declaration is "life." The first function of the Constitution is "to form a more perfect Union." The first right in the Bill of Rights is freedom to worship, without government interference.

Why did the Founders place these items first? Because they knew that the surest way to maintain all of our freedoms was to protect the three firsts: Life, preserving the union and freedom of worship.

During the past 225 years We the People have allowed wolves in sheep's clothing to enter our freedom flock and destroy many of our natural rights:

Thirty years of abortions have killed 40,000,000 innocent human beings.

God, prayer and the Ten Commandments are being desecrated, demeaned and removed from our public lives.

High taxes have forced mothers into the workforce and our children and society are suffering the consequences.

Socialists are overtaking our education system, re-writing history and preparing our children to live under a governing system of total dependence, at the expense of the independence, individual responsibility and opportunity, for which our brave soldiers have fought and died.

Our right to self-defense, to protect our family, neighbors, community and nation is being threatened by self-righteous elitists who want to control every aspect of our lives.

Where are the leaders today who are willing to make the sacrifices that our Founders made in order to establish and secure our precious freedoms? Do we find them in Washington D.C.?

Do we find them in our churches? What has become of the true American patriot?

What can be done to reverse this self-destructive journey that is rapidly leading to this nation's demise?

The real question today is do we even have adequate numbers these tireless patriots who are willing to lay their very lives on the line by starting brushfires of freedom wherever they may live?

The answers lie in first asking ourselves how were our founders able to develop the necessary character traits which compelled them to such indomitable actions?

Our Founders themselves have given us the clear answer: it is because they were true Christians after the manner of Jesus Christ Himself.

Thomas Jefferson: "I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator."

One of our greatest challenges in today's society is finding true Christians who will not compromise their claimed principles for the sake of political expediency or for desired influence or power. We often hear from those religionists, who claim to be Christians, but they lack faith when confronted by those whom they think have power and influence.

Patrick Henry: "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here."

Who are these "religionists"? Where do we find these false Christians and false patriots in today's society?

"The religion builders have so distorted and deformed the doctrines of Jesus, so muffled them in mysticism, fancies and falsehoods, have caricatured them into forms so unconceivable, as to shock reasonable thinkers.....Happy the prospect of a restoration of primitive Christianity.

"The truth is, that the greatest enemies of the doctrine of Jesus are those calling themselves the expositors of them, who have perverted them to the structure of a system of fancy absolutely incomprehensible, and without any foundation in His genuine words." — Thomas Jefferson

Unfortunately we find them all around us, in our churches, elected officials, courts of justice, schools.

How can we recognize these wolves in sheep's clothing?

They are the compromisers, the middle of the roaders, the marshmallow, cotton candy ministers, legislators, judges and teachers who are afraid to stand up for godly and constitutional principles when the heat is on. They believe in peace at any price, even if it means giving up our God-given freedoms of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

"...[W]e live in a great and free country only because our forefathers were willing to wage war rather than accept the peace that spells destruction." — Teddy Roosevelt

Whose responsibility is it to oust these phony naysayers? It is clearly and profoundly We the People's responsibility, that's who!

"If there is anything which it is the duty of the whole people to never entrust to any hands but their own — that thing is the preservation of their own liberties and institutions." — Abraham Lincoln

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." — Plato

"Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature ... If the next centennial does not find us a great will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces." — President James Garfield in 1877

Noah Webster had it exactly right:

"When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers 'just men who will rule in the fear of God.' The preservation of a republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made not for the public good so much as for the selfish or local purposes; Corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a Republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws."

What specifically do We the People need to do to prepare ourselves to be capable doing our godly duty of electing good and wise people to office and maintaining our god-given freedoms?

First of all, we need to be true and courageous Christians. We need to be willing to follow Christ's example in our daily lives and those undaunted examples of our Founding Fathers and brave patriots, by organizing ourselves and acting upon the principles we believe in.

From President Andrew Jackson, the declaration: "The Bible is the rock on which this Republic rests."

We need to elect to office on the local, state and national levels men and women who will not compromise the basic principles of our Founding documents for the sake of political expediency. How can we do this?

Each American needs to stand up and be counted. God will not bless us if we sit on our couches or in our coffee shops and complain but take no action.

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." — Edmund Burke

"To sit home, read one's favorite newspaper, and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. It is what evil men count upon the good men's doing." — Theodore Roosevelt

We need to educate ourselves about the important issues that effect our daily lives — the right to life, the right to worship, freedom of expression, the importance of a quality education for our children and grandchildren, the right to protect ourselves.

"This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins." — Ben Franklin

One of the most important challenges we as Americans have is making sure that we understand the basic principles underlying the U. S. Constitution so that we can be well-informed and elect folks to office that will honor that divinely inspired document.

Thomas Jefferson stated: "On every question of Construction (of the Constitution) lets us carry our-selves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed."

It is unfortunate that so many citizens, elected officials and judges just plain have no idea what the Constitution should mean to us in our daily lives and what each of us needs to do to keep that sacred document alive and well.

"Most Americans aren't the sort of citizens the Founding Fathers expected; they are contented serfs. Far from being active critics of government, they assume that its might makes it right." — Joseph Sobran

Our Founders pledged their lives, families, honor, property, literally all they had, so that we could be blessed by adhering to the principles of the Constitution.

When the British government made the Church of England the state religion and persecuted those devout worshipers who chose other religions the stage was finally set for migration to the new world, as a place where each could worship according to the dictates of his own conscience.

Then, we need to take action, to seek, find, support and elect to office those courageous individuals who will support and defend the principles of the Constitution, at all costs.

Most of the political rhetoric we hear today from elected officials, party leaders and candidates, from both sides of the isle, is that of compromising away the principles of the Constitution. Rather than sticking their necks out to stand up for what is right they claim that staying in the "middle of the road" and "coming together" is the only way to make progress. Nonsense.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." — Thomas Paine

"Always stand on principle even if you stand alone." — President John Adams

"Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death." — Thomas Paine

We need to study the scriptures and the Constitution, attend church, school board, city council, county board and other important meetings and speak out for the principles of Christianity and divine, constitutional principles of freedom. If we do anything less we do not deserve to be called true Christians, nor do we deserve the freedom for which our brave soldiers die every day.

We need to be willing to fight for the return of Christian principle to the classroom.

In 1782, the United States Congress voted this resolution: "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools."

Of the first 108 universities founded in America, 106 were distinctly Christian, including the first, Harvard University, chartered in 1636. In the original Harvard Student Handbook, rule number 1 was that students seeking entrance must know Latin and Greek so that they could study the Scriptures: "Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies, is, to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, John 17:3; and therefore to lay Jesus Christ as the only foundation for our children to follow the moral principles of the Ten Commandments."

"Every thinking man, when he thinks, realizes that the teachings of the Bible are so interwoven and entwined with our whole civic and social life that it would be literally impossible for us to figure ourselves what that life would be if these standards were removed. We would lose almost all the standards by which we now judge both public and private morals; all the standards which we, with more or less resolution, strive to raise ourselves." — Theodore Roosevelt

It is only if We the People are willing to stand up for truth and right that positive changes will take place in our society.

Benjamin Franklin said, "He who shall introduce into the public affairs the principles of a primitive Christianity, will change the face of the world."

It has been said that you can lead a horse to water but you make him drink. If we wish to have a positive permanent influence to change people's lives for good it needs to come from the inside; the heart needs to change and the rest will follow.

Thomas Jefferson: "The reason that Christianity is the best friend of government is because Christianity is the only religion that changes the heart."

We may also be amazed at how much can be accomplished by a few and how widespread our local efforts may eventually become.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." — Edward Everett Hale

"...[I]t is a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own." — Benjamin Franklin

"I hear many condemn these men [Founding Fathers] because they were so few. When were the good and the brave ever in a majority?" -Henry David Thoreau

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." — Mark Twain

George Washington said, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

If we are not indeed willingly to learn and live the Christian principles that we claim to believe; if we are not willing to stand up for the truth of God and the Constitution what will be the results?

President John Adams advised: "Statesmen...may plan and speculate for Liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand.... The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People, in a greater Measure, than they have it now, They may change their Rulers, and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty."

"It is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon, and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord;

"And, insomuch as we know that by his divine law Nations, like individuals, are subjected to punishment and chastisement in this world, may we not justly fear that the awful calamity of civil war which now desolates the land may be but a punishment inflicted upon us for our presumptuous sins, to the needful end of our nation reformation as a whole people?

"We have the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth, and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all of these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom or virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us.

"It behooves us, then, to humble ourselves before the Offended power, to confess our national sins, and pray for clemency and forgiveness." — President Abraham Lincoln.

Of what great national sins are we presently guilty which resulting in the withholding of God's blessings and justifying God's punishment?

What sin is greater and more deserving of punishment than allowing, through edict of the supreme court, the taking of over 40,000,000 innocent lives. This heinous act of infanticide and genocide in direct violation of our first God-given right: the right to life.

There are many important issues in this country which We the People need to deal with and correct, but none is more urgent and crucial that protect the innocent unborn. If we can't eliminate this devilish practice the Lord will certainly not bless us, let alone withhold deserved punishment.

9-11 is a timely example of how God reminds us that we need to repent. Unfortunately, among most Americans, the positive effects of this monumental reminder did not last long.

There are many ways to slay this satanic abortion dragon, but legal remedies can be the most effective IF we properly and effectively used the organic (Declaration and Constitution) law of the land as the basis upon which we present our legal argument.

"At the heart of the controversy in these cases are those recurring pregnancies that pose no danger whatsoever to the life or health of the mother but are, nevertheless, unwanted for any one or more of a variety of reasons — convenience, family planning, economics, dislike of children, the embarrassment of illegitimacy, etc. ... I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's judgment. ... As an exercise of raw judicial power, the Court perhaps has authority to do what it does today; but, in my view, its judgment is an improvident and extravagant exercise of the power of judicial review that the Constitution extends to this Court." — Justice Byron R. White — dissenting opinion.

"Our Supreme Court's decision in Roe is certainly not the final word on the issue of abortion, just as the Court was not the final word on slavery in Dred Scott. Our system gives us the opportunity to rectify past wrongs. It is my fervent hope and prayer for America that we base our laws on what science tells us: namely, that the young human embryo is a human life. I believe that I will live to see the end of the abortion industry, and the sanctity and dignity of every human life affirmed. Until then, abortion will continue to prod the conscience of our nation. Great labors remain before us, but the rights and lives of unborn children are absolutely worth our efforts. Reagan was our first great pro-life president, and surely others will follow in his footsteps. His legacy endures and the pro-life movement continues to make steady progress. We have come a long way since Reagan's 1983 essay, and we have a long way to go, but we are on the right track. On behalf of the unborn, let us pray and persevere; and may God bless America." — Senator Sam Brownback

The consequences of substituting the opinions of unelected federal judges for the plain text of the Constitution[5] is described by Justice Scalia[6]:

"[W]hen a strict interpretation of the Constitution, according to the fixed rules which govern the interpretation of laws, is abandoned, and the theoretical opinions of individuals are allowed to control its meaning, we have no longer a Constitution; we are under the government of individual men, who for the time being have power to declare what the Constitution is, according to their own views of what it ought to mean." Dred Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. 393, 621 (1857) (Curtis, J., dissenting).

Both the Declaration and Constitution are pro-life documents.

The 5th and 14th Amendments use the same language as does the Declaration in describing our three most fundamental and important God-given rights- "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (property)." These three should trump all other constitutional rights, when courts need to make such determinations.

"It is a misnomer to call a government republican in which a branch of the supreme power [the judiciary] is independent of the nation." — Thomas Jefferson

But until We the People have the courage kick out pro-abortion legislators and judges our unborn children will continue to suffer and this nation will continue on its downward path to self-destruction.

"[T]he candid citizen must confess that if the policy of the Government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, . . . the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having to that extent practically resigned their Government into the hands of that eminent tribunal." President Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address (Mar. 4, 1861), reprinted in Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States, S. Doc. No. 101-10, p. 139 (1989).

"One single object...[will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation." — Thomas Jefferson

"For liberty, we need a respected judiciary. For the sake of preserving our liberty, we need to insist that the courts begin again to deserve the respect from a free people that makes their work possible. Bringing such discipline to the judiciary is, at bottom, a political task. It is one more essential job that only a principled and vigilant citizenry can accomplish." — Alan Keyes

The next satanic dragon which we need to slay, one that also has a profound destructive effect on society, is the sin of homosexuality. The scriptures make it abundantly clear that the Lord created a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) to procreate human life upon this earth. The unions of men with men and women with women, or any ungodly combination thereof, are gross and devilish acts, which cannot be tolerated by a Christian people.

In dealing with homosexuality we need to follow the Savior's example- hate the sin and love the sinner. These unfortunate folks, who have been fool by Satan's minions, can be saved through tough love and can return to lead the normal and productive lives of a traditional family, with its attendant blessings.

We the People must be willing to give our all to set these brushfires of freedom throughout America. If we will God will bless us and our beloved country.

© Ben Thompson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Show us YOUR papers, BO!

Who cares about your dog? Show us YOUR papers!

Why doesn't WorldNetDaily (or anybody who can) set up a booth across from the White House with such a sign and offer folks an opportunity to sign the petition demanding proof apparent president usurper Soetoro/Obama is a natural born citizen?

BLACK DAY IN AMERICA: Obama Wins, America Loses

Obama's African Coup in America

Shame on conservative cowards!

Right Wing Extremists-WSPD Tea Party

Right Wing Extremists-WSPD Tea Party

T-Town Tax Day Tea Party at International Park

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jews be warned!

First time in Jerusalem, 1980

David in Jerusalem

Nahal Dan (Dan Stream)
I took this picture during Operation Desert Storm near Kibbutz Dan

Nahal Dan

From Toledo to Jerusalem (Article about the 8 kibbutzim I've lived on, unjust deportation from Israel, etc.).


Miriam Weiss: Holocaust Survivor and Kibbutz Mother


Articles about the Third Temple

Still at Large!
The Jerusalem Post, Jan. 8, 1996, had a front page story about how the GSS sought my deportation for alleged involvement in a "plot to blow up the Al-Aksa mosque."

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem
(The second Jerusalem Post article about my unjust deportation from Israel)

Recent full page ads in The Jewish Voice and Opinion
Beyond Babylon


jews warned about pope

Articles and video warning Jews about the pope

Pope's Evil Eye on Jerusalem! (You Tube video)

The Vatican plot against Jerusalem exposed!

Israel must reject Vatican overtures for peace or lose Jerusalem!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mount Vernon and George Washington

David Ben-Ariel, Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Flowers

Osprey Nest

Osprey Nest at Mount Vernon Wharf

Potomac River at Mount Vernon

Potomac River view from Mansion

Bowling Green Mount Vernon

Bowling Green

Soccer Dad & Sons from Venezuela

Soccer Dad & Sons from Venezuela

Mount Vernon Sheep

Satisfied Sheep

Mount Vernon Mansion

Mount Vernon Mansion

Mount Vernon Mansion

My friend, Jeremy

George Washington's Barns

George Washington's Barns

George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

Visiting the historic site of George Washington's home, where he lived and died and is entombed, and learning more about our first American president who refused to be king, one can't help but be awestruck with his qualities of greatness, his drive and vision, his patriotism and passionate interest in plants and animals... he reminds me of Solomon! Walking the grounds of his plantation, it was apparent he had applied the Seven Laws of Success Herbert W. Armstrong wrote about.

Few folks today would be so selfless to leave such a paradise to go fight battles or lead against all odds, with a will to win that had to be a God-send.

George Washington's Gristmill

George Washington's Gristmill down the road a bit from Mount Vernon
(I took this picture from inside George Washington's Distillery where whiskey - liquid gold -was made)

George Washington prophetically wrote, "...I hope...we shall become a storehouse and granary for the world." How befitting considering the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples (primarily) who founded this nation, by the grace of God, are Israelite sons of Manasseh, the son of Joseph, foretold to become a single great nation and breadbasket that would feed the world!

That was when we were in our prime, but now, undoubtedly President Washington would be grieved to see how our great nation has degenerated, and how presently an apparent president usurper pollutes the White House and disrespects our Constitution, and how we suffer from a serious famine of men and women of good will and strength of character, and would humbly bend his knees and ask for Providence to bless America again. Won't we all please do the same? (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Congressman Paul's Texas Straight Talk for the Week of April 13th

Fewer Taxes for Real Economic Stimulus

Taxes are the issue this week as Americans struggle to make the April 15th deadline to file their returns. It is a good time to contemplate the effects of big government and what it does to our country. The income tax is one of the most egregious encroachments on our liberties today. It is a form of involuntary servitude, which was supposed to have been outlawed by the 13th Amendment. Tax Freedom Day is defined as the day when the nation as a whole has theoretically earned enough income to fund its annual federal tax burden.

Full Article Here:,tx14_paul,blog,999,All,Item%20not%20found,ID=090413_2822,TEMPLATE=postingdetail.shtml

Kaptur files disclosure only after being asked by CQ Politics why she did not

re: Kaptur files disclosure only after being asked by CQ Politics why she did not

Fails to address Soetoro/Obama eligibility question
At least Marcy Kaptur filed after being questioned about it, unlike the unprofessional lack of response I've received when I questioned her about the failure of president usurper Soetoro/Obama to prove he is a natural born citizen. To be fair, Senator Voinovich has also failed to respond to such legitimate concerns and honest questions. Are the politicians who play deaf, dumb and blind forcing this issue into the streets? Do they want a revolution? With Emperor Obama misleading the United States to self-destruction, it appears we need one.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Police State America

"Shall I tell you what the real evil is? To cringe to the things that are called evils, to surrender to them our freedom, in defiance of which we ought to face any suffering."
-- Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4 BC - 65 AD
Beyond Conspiracy: Police State America

First, enclosed below, you'll find links to the Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution as well as to letters and commentary by the Founding Fathers. There is also a link to a copy of your state's constitution. Also enclosed below are government references and resources, including links to the texts of bills and laws along with references to related material.The factual and objective narrative is completed herein through the reference to news reports and articles as well as links to related commentary.

Beyond Conspiracy: Police State America

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama is a fraud!

Obama Nomination Papers Are Perjurious!

Tell All 50 State Attorneys General To Investigate NOW The Compelling Evidence That Barack Obama Was Born In Africa!

I dared bring Barack Obama into court to force him to produce his birth certificate and put an end to the controversy over his status as a "natural born" citizenship once and for all. And now he's coming after me and the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) -- the public-interest legal group that I founded over 30 years ago -- with a vengeance! Merely because we dare to seek the truth!

And they must have something to hide, because Mr. Obama's attorneys have threatened to spend, and then sanction, USJF out of existence.

USJF has started efforts to convince State Attorneys General, all across the country, to investigate whether Barack Obama has committed perjury by knowingly filing false nomination papers ... claiming to be constitutionally eligible to run for, and serve as, President of the United States. As you know, the available evidence shows that he was born in Africa. A FAX to all 50 State Attorneys General is available for you to send right now.

You see, even though it's past January 20, 2009 -- inauguration day -- Barack Obama can still be stopped from becoming an illegal "squatter" in the White House.

FAX All 50 State Attorneys General To Investigate Obama's Fraud

Frankly, the evidence that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Africa -- not Hawaii as he claims - and, therefore, cannot serve as the President of the United States, is compelling.
First, Mr. Obama's refusal to release his birth certificate. If he has nothing to hide, what does he gain by refusing to allow the press to see the birth certificate?

Second, the contention by Barack Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, that Mr. Obama was born in a particular Hawaiian hospital, only to claim that it was in a different hospital several years later.

Third, the erecting of a wall around Barack Obama's grandmother, the late Madelyn Dunham, by Mr. Obama, thus cutting off access to the one person then alive who would have been present if he was actually born in Hawaii.

Fourth, the posting of law enforcement personnel at the two hospitals in Honolulu mentioned by Ms. Soetoro-Ng in an effort to block the press from discovering the truth about the birth certificate.

Fifth, a taped phone conversation with Mr. Obama's step-grandmother in Kenya, who claims that she was present at his birth ... in what is now called Kenya!

Sixth, the "birth certificate" posted on the Obama campaign website and other liberal websites. Since Barack Obama was born in 1961, long before laser printers and office computers, his original birth certificate would be typewritten ... unlike the laser printed "copy" purported to be genuine.
The evidence demands that Barack Obama answer why he has been hiding the truth from the American people about his eligibility to run for, and serve as, President!

That's right. Not only does Mr. Obama continue to categorically refuse to produce the decisive evidence proving whether he is a "natural born" citizen, his high-priced LA-based "dream team" of attorneys has USJF squarely in its crosshairs! And they're loading both barrels!

So, unless you help me and my team here at USJF to stand our ground in court, Mr. Obama's hired guns could blow a financial hole in USJF's ability to be the proverbial thorn in Mr. Obama's side!

Barack Obama continues to battle any attempt to see his real birth certificate - producing only a phony one posted on his website -- as well as fighting us tooth and nail as we seek access to his college records... records which we believe may prove that he was foreign born!

USJF served a subpoena upon Occidental College to gain access to Mr. Obama's college records and we are fighting to get at the truth on many other fronts, as well, including:
Appealing a case filed by USJF in California, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, if necessary, on behalf of 2008 Presidential candidate Alan Keyes, calling into question Mr. Obama's status as a "natural born" citizen;
Funding, and assisting local attorneys and Plaintiffs, in similar lawsuits, in Ohio, Hawaii, and Mississippi, AND we're considering filing more lawsuits in other states; and
We have initiated a campaign demanding that your State Attorney General take action now, which I'll tell you about momentarily...

Click to Donate & Demand Mr. Obama Show Us the Truth!

You see, when Barack Obama officially entered the office of President, he became, in essence, a "pretender to the throne." According to the Constitution, only a "natural born citizen" can occupy the presidency.

Even though he was sworn in on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama is not legally the President of the United States, unless he can prove that he is a "natural born citizen."

What's more, every action taken by him while he occupies the White House may be invalid. If he cannot legally be President, every law passed by Congress will be null and void because the Constitution clearly requires that all laws be signed by the President ... and, without a legally elected and sworn in President in office, that becomes an impossibility.

Quite frankly, this crisis must be ended! And it must be ended now!

And that's just what we're fighting to do. The United States Justice Foundation is spearheading a campaign to protect the United States Constitution ... and your liberty.

Click to Donate & Demand Mr. Obama Show Us the Truth!

We have to press our case to stop Barack Obama from, apparently, illegally holding the Presidency, despite the ongoing threats against us. We are speaking of filing additional lawsuits and administrative actions, over and above the dozens already filed, if you will help us today.

I need your help right now in order to win this battle. We must raise the needed funds to continue our legal research, pay court costs and lawyer fees, and to contact all 50 State Attorneys General. Helping USJF with this campaign is your best shot, and, possibly your only chance, at finding out whether Barack Obama is legally holding the Presidency of our great nation, or whether he is a fraud, a usurper!

My friend, please take action immediately. Please FAX all 50 State Attorneys General and please send to me your best possible gift to help USJF stop Barack Obama from continuing his apparent theft of the Presidency!

FAX All 50 State Attorneys General To Investigate Obama's Fraud

Are you willing to see the Constitution shredded by the Left? Will you sit back and do nothing while a foreign-born person may be illegally occupying the White House as President of the United States?

We will not be intimidated. But we MUST have your help immediately if USJF is to survive this fight to the finish -- and if the U.S. Constitution is to weather this crisis intact!

Our country is on the fast track to disaster ... but you can help us keep the situation from getting worse. I pray that I'll hear from you today.

In His Name,

Gary Kreep, Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation

P.S. America has never before faced such a threat. Everything we hold dear is at risk with Barack Obama sitting as President without him releasing his actual birth certificate. Please, send in your best possible gift today!

P.P.S. And don't forget to check out our website at for more information about this case and other critical issues affecting our nation.

Click to Donate & Demand Mr. Obama Show Us the Truth!

Or Send Checks to:
United States Justice Foundation
Dept Code 2257
P.O. Box 131637
Houston, TX 77219-1637

Sharing the wealth?

"But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply.
See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them,
and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong.
See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another
by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime."
-- Frederic Bastiat
(1801-1850) French economist, statesman, and author.
Source: "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat (1848)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congressman Paul's Texas Straight Talk - The Budget

Budget Expands Government as Economy Contracts

“Last week the House passed another budget that increases federal power, raises taxes, and increases the national debt. I voted against it, and was pleased to see that not a single Republican representative voted for it. Legislators often see bipartisanship as constructive, but I disagree especially where the destruction of our economy or our liberty is concerned. There has been too much bipartisan consensus on expanding government far beyond the bounds of the Constitution which we all swore to defend and uphold. Because of this, I have never been able to vote for a budget. However, it was good to see Republicans come together on this important vote, even if their alternative budget was almost as bad…”

Click here to read the full article:

Invisible Government endangers U.S.

"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."
-- James Paul Warburg
(1896-1969) son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which poured millions into the Russian Revolution through James' brother Max, banker to the German government, Chairman of the CFR
Source: while speaking before the United States Senate, February 17, 1950

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as 'international bankers.' This little coterie... run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...[and] seizes...our executive officers... legislative bodies... schools... courts... newspapers and every agency created for the public protection."
-- John F. Hylan
(1868-1936), Mayor of New York City (1918-1925), nicknamed "Red Mike"

"The Act of Congress which we are impugning before you is communistic in its purposes and tendencies, and is defended here upon principles as communistic, socialistic - what shall I call them - populistic as ever have been addressed to any political assembly in the world."
-- Joseph H. Choate
(1832-1917) attorney who successfully challenged the Income Tax Act of 1894
Source: United States Supreme Court, Pollock v. Farmers Loan & Trust Co. (1898)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Powerful and hostile Banks

"[The] Bank of the United States... is one of the most deadly hostility existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution... An institution like this, penetrating by its branches every part of the Union, acting by command and in phalanx, may, in a critical moment, upset the government. I deem no government safe which is under the vassalage of any self-constituted authorities, or any other authority than that of the nation, or its regular functionaries. What an obstruction could not this bank of the United States, with all its branch banks, be in time of war! It might dictate to us the peace we should accept, or withdraw its aids. Ought we then to give further growth to an institution so powerful, so hostile?"
-- Thomas Jefferson
US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
Source: Thomas Jefferson did write this (about Banks) to Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin in 1803